Acepac – Bar roll


16L handle barrel bag with removable waterproof liner.

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Acepac Bar Roll voor bevestiging op het stuur, met geïntegreerde dry bag.

The bag can be mounted on a wide range of handlebars. Straight handlebars or swallows are recommended to use a Connector that keeps the bag away from the handlebars to protect the brake levers and their inlet hoses. Connectors are part of the bag. Double-sided roller shutter with Duraflex Xlite easy access (-20 ° C) for easy gripping can be scrolled as a classic drybag by closing the buckle or by adjustable horizontal straps (these can be used in the first case to fasten the load to Saddle bag). The bag is designed to control its volume by scrolling from both sides to 8-16L.

Used main material Cordura Ecomade Ripstop (PU coating 1500mm H20), durable fabric made from recycled PET bottles. Included in the bag is a removable waterproof liner (coated Nylon ripstop fabric, PU 5000mm with taped seams) that will surely hold the bag’s dry weight.

The lower part of the bag, where the dirt comes from the easy to maintain Tarpaulin on both sides , the exposed areas where the bag touches the head tube, the brake and gear levers are reinforced with the second layer of Cordura Ecomade cloth.

Used Polypropylene straps (100% recyclable) have a coarse structure, do not slip in the buckles.

The strapped seams are covered with Bartack stitch, all used threads are Polyester with a high fiber diameter for maximum strength. Chain from the strap at the bottom of the bag to attach it to the side compression straps of the Flux backpack for easy carrying of the bag in rugged terrain where you need to fully utilize the wheel strokes or the means of transport.

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